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Rap Tract - Your Maker in the Sky - page 1

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This tract is for those who feel like they have plenty of time to repent before they receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  These people are usually the partying crowd, the ones who may be going to the bars a lot and/or on drugs.  This tract is for hard-hearted people and hard-headed people who need a reality check.  Tomorrow is not promised. You could die at any time.  This is a tract written as a poem and it could also be a rap.  I usually reach out to people with the love of God, but with those who are stubborn, sometimes only the "fear of dying  in their sins" will save them. It worked for Jonathan Edwards when He preached his fiery sermon:  "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"  that sparked a huge Revival in the 1800's...and yet, this tract is not portraying God as angry at all. the chorus is:  "There are so many crazy ways to die.  You'd better know your Maker in the Sky.  You never know when it will be your time, because today there is so much crime."   You will just have to read it all.  This is page one of the tract which contains the last panel of the poem or rap and the Salvation Prayer and the Title of "So Many Crazy Ways to Die - page 1."   There are 2 tracts to one page. I want your e-mail address because I plan on filming some You Tube videos of witnessing to the lost that is training and entertaining - in a series.  I want to let you know when I have the videos uploaded so you can watch them!  So after you put in your e-mail address, then go to the bottom and click on the blue link: "Read More" and then at the bottom of that page, simply click on the downloadable link: "Download Now " to download this page 1.  Then save it.  Then fill out all the contact information using your computer or at least a pen: Your name, your church's name and address, your e-mail and your church's phone number.  And save it again. This will make or break your tract, so please remember to do this!  Follow up is so important.  Then print it out.  This is page one.  Then you download "Tract to Witness to Jews - page 2."  Save it.  And then print page 2 out. Directions to make Tract:  1. After you have printed out these two pages, you take them to a copier and make it double sided.  So that it is one page - front and back.  2. Then you cut it in the middle in half.  Then you have two tracts.  3. Then you simply fold each tract into thirds.  Then your tracts are done!   Finally, you are ready to give these tracts out to the lost.  If these tracts have blessed you, please consider making a donation.  Thank you so much!  If you have any problems downloading this, or any of the tracts, please contact me.   There Are So Many Crazy Ways to Die
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